At Wevo, technical and chemical experience is complemented by the knowledge gained from practical applications. Proactively transferring knowledge, we advise our customers individually and conduct annual seminars on how best to use our casting compounds. Over 1,500 customers have already participated in our training courses and seminars.

Technical advice

Looking to secure your project targets? We’ve got extensive knowledge of material specification, part design, processing technology and process optimisation that can be put to work and lead to your success. We also ensure the confidentiality of any information you share with us.


 At Wevo, we share our quality and material performance standards with our customers, providing regular training seminars and collaborating with prestigious training networks as expert speakers. The target audience for our seminars consists of specialists like us who want to expand their knowledge and practical expertise in the field of casting, bonding and sealing. Besides serving as a platform to discuss global standards and reliable practices, our seminars also initiate dialogue. Wevo is 100 % committed to helping customers operate effectively and safely.