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Wevo stands for reliability

Tomorrow’s infrastructure includes technologies such as 5G as well as concepts for “smart cities”. Urban spaces are becoming more climate-friendly and more liveable thanks to the digitalisation of a whole range of areas, for example energy and water or the mobility sector. 

This requires many electrical and electronic components, some of which are highly sensitive. Such components are also increasingly used in green technology – for example for absorbers, filters, meters, pumps or smart meters. In the case of digital agriculture, the conditions are particularly challenging. Among other things, Wevo supports livestock monitoring with especially durable materials for sensors, chips, microphones and cameras.

Wevo solutions for state-of-the-art technology

Customised Wevo compounds facilitate components for example for smart farming technologies – like motion sensors, antennas or even batteries. The sensitive electronics are permanently sealed, the ingress of moisture is minimised, and damping and protection against vibration and fractures are ensured.