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Wevo for secure systems

Power engineering is facing major technical challenges and tasks. These include the expansion of renewable energy sources, the transport of electricity over long distances, its intermediate storage and the digitalisation of the power grids.

Wevo has come up with a wide variety of solutions for the components required to achieve this, such as capacitors, insulators and sensors. In addition to electrical insulation, they provide reliable protection against environmental conditions such as moisture, UV radiation or salty air.

Modern electricity meters and converters as well as IoT solutions for smart grids likewise profit from customised Wevo solutions for potting, bonding and sealing. Digitalisation in industry and the security sector also means new needs are emerging for integrating additional electrical and electronic components.

Wevo lets the energy flow

Wevo potting compounds and adhesives protect and insulate electronic components, including transformers, chokes and capacitors, and ensure uniform heat removal from parts.

Wevo safeguards industrial innovation

The electronic age has produced components that are more accurate, sensitive and smaller than ever before, but also more complex and sensitive – all at a lower cost. These components are often deployed in very harsh environments such as in engines and control devices. Wevo’s potting compounds provide reliable protection in these environments to ensure unimpaired functionality.