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Wevo gets things moving

The transition to sustainable transport systems is driving a huge range of technological developments – in passenger cars, public transport and logistics. Wevo can build on decades of automotive expertise.

In electric vehicles, our customisable Wevo materials guarantee, among other things, reliable heat dissipation and electrical insulation. They simplify the design process and ensure protection against environmental influences.

Special potting compounds developed for electric motors allow full encapsulation of stators and potting of winding heads to provide effective thermal management. In the case of high-power motors, Wevo materials counteract substantial heat generation and the associated drop in performance. Heat dissipation also plays an important role for battery cells and the charging infrastructure as a lot of heat is generated during vehicle operation and charging.

Wevo makes progress tangible

The highly sensitive electronic components in modern vehicles must, among others, be protected from heat, moisture, oil, chemicals, foreign particles and vibrations. This is why many international vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers rely on Wevo potting and bonding resins.